Young performers bring music, positivity to COVID-19 patients

A Westchester teen and his friends are bringing music and some positivity to patients battling COVID-19.
After hearing about how some COVID-19 patients spend their time in the hospital without seeing any family or friends, 13-year-old Brodi Cox felt compelled to do something. He asked his parents if they could find a way for him to play his cello to keep them company.
Cox decided to get some friends involved, and soon a group of 13 young performers formed what he calls "Strings4Hope." With the help of his mom and dad, the teen reaches out to hospitals to set up virtual recitals via Zoom.
Each musician performs a solo piece, and between selections, another child reads a piece of positive news on a patient who beat the coronavirus. Brodi hopes the music and stories will keep patients and the hospital staff in high spirits.
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