Williamsport bound: Little League squad is the pride of Massapequa

The Massapequa Coast Boys are going to the Little League World Series, and their community has their back.
Residents are celebrating their little champions' big win before the boys make the trip to Williamsport.
“I think they’re going to take it home. That’s the Massapequa way. You go all out,” said Massapequa native Melissa O’Donnell.
O’Donnell, whose son once played for Massapequa Coast tells News 12 that people are pulling for the little leaguers more so than the pros.
“I think it’s bigger because this is a home base and we know who these kids are,” she added. “These are kids who they grew up with. These are kids they see on the field and off the field.”
“The community just came together,” added Farmingdale’s Roger Aiello. “I don’t know how many communities would have come out like they did last night.”
Massapequa Coast won’t know its next opponent until next Wednesday when the West and Northwest regional game is played.