Budget passes in William Floyd School District

The district says the average homeowner in the area will see their taxes go down about $1,000 a year with the budget passing.

Thema Ponton

May 16, 2023, 9:44 PM

Updated 372 days ago


The annual budget passed resoundingly in the William Floyd Union Free School District.
A total of 1,076 voters cast their ballot to approve the budget with just 204 voting no.
The district says the average homeowner in the area will see their taxes go down an estimated 17.88% or around $1,000 a year now that the budget has passed. It also says more programs will be made available for students in the school.
In a statement to News 12, the president of the William Floyd Board of Education said in part, "Due to the state fully funding foundation aid, we are able to increase programs for students while reducing taxes for all homeowners within the community."
One mother in the district says she supported a yes vote on the proposed budget as the cost of many items is going up for her family.
"Everyone needs to save money, especially now with everything that is going on, saving money is always a good thing, wherever it happens," she says. "And if it helps the schools, it's even better."
Students in the district also say that approving the proposed budget would be a victory.
"When there are more classes available, it will be better for the school overall," one student told News 12.
Residents also cast their ballots for the election of three board trustees. Robert Taiani was reelected with 954 votes, Angelo Cassarino was reelected with 1,009 notes and Luis J. Soto was elected with 924 votes.

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