Wife, daughter of former mob boss John Gotti Jr. accused of punching woman at Locust Valley HS basketball game

The wife and daughter of former mob boss John Gotti Jr., Kimberly and Gianna Gotti, were arrested for assault, accused of punching a woman in the face at a basketball game at Locust Valley High School.
Locust Valley was playing Oyster Bay. According to court papers, the 47-year-old victim from Upper Brookville claimed that her wig was pulled off. She told authorities “I allowed my head to go back as I felt my scalp was going to be ripped off…”
Attorney Gerard Marrone represents the Gottis. He said that the alleged victim punched Kimberly Gotti first. He said that parents from Locust Valley were “kind of abusing” the players. He said Kimberly Gotti turned around and asked them to stop. He said they were picking on her son Joseph, who plays for Oyster Bay. He also said the alleged victim went from “zero to 100” and was arguing aggressively. John Gotti Jr. said the only reason his wife and daughter were at court was because they wouldn’t press charges against anyone else. He said his wife was punched in the head.
The incident apparently began when, according to court documents, the alleged victim said that an unknown man and woman began cursing at students in the bleachers. She said she asked them to stop and then the brawl happened. The alleged victim said she had a “severe headache” where her wig was ripped off and had pain on her scalp and on the sides of her face, as well as scratches.
Justin Jonas is with Section VIII Athletics. He said they’re investigating and looking at three things: student interactions, parent interactions and overall procedure as it pertains to athletics in the county.
The Gottis are due back in court next month.
Locust Valley High School statement below:
A statement from the superintendent of the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District said, "The district is aware of an unfortunate and upsetting incident directed towards some of our student-athletes that took place during last night’s boys basketball game at Locust Valley High School. 
We have been in communication with the Locust Valley School District to discuss the matter and appreciate their support in addressing the events that occurred."