West Babylon family still awaiting unemployment benefits 6 weeks after being laid off

Problems have continued to linger for thousands of frustrated New Yorkers trying to file for unemployment benefits.
Linda LaMacchia and her husband Joey, who live in West Babylon, have run out of patience and will soon run out of money to support their two kids.
They were laid off nearly six weeks ago -- and while Linda has been collecting unemployment benefits, her husband has seen nothing.
"It just keeps saying pending status, pending status for weeks," says Linda LaMacchia. "And then we get an email from the Department of Labor stating that unfortunately your private information was mailed to someone else."
According to the New York Department of Labor, since the crisis began, one in five workers on Long Island have filed for unemployment -- a total of 259,590.
During his Friday briefing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was asked about residents like LaMacchia who have applied for benefits but still haven't received anything.
"It's overwhelmed every state system, period. And our response rate is far better than most states even though our population is far greater," says Cuomo.
But for Linda LaMacchia, that was no consolation. She's still wondering how much longer her family can keep its head above water.
"We would just like to see our assistance to come through the way we were told it was going to happen," she says. "We did what we're supposed to do, now please do what you told us you were going to do for us."
For now, LaMacchia was offered a year of free credit monitoring from the Labor Department since her information was compromised.