'We need to lower the temperature.' Wantagh reverend receives backlash over sign outside church

Rev. Ron Garner received an unsigned letter after posting a rainbow banner that read "No Human is illegal - God."

Apr 28, 2023, 9:32 PM

Updated 390 days ago


A Wantagh reverend is responding to what he says was an out-of-line and hate-filled letter.
For 13 years, Rev. Ron Garner has posted messages outside the Wantagh Memorial Congregation Church.
"I always try to make people think, and lots of people agree with my signs. And of course, lots of people disagree," Garner says.
The reverend recently posted a rainbow banner and sign reading "No Human is illegal - God."
Garner then received a handwritten, unsigned letter that read, "I'm sure you believe your illegal alien and gay stands are humanistic and Christian...Teaching and supporting gay education and undermining a country through massive illegal immigration is Communism 101."
He says the intolerance expressed in the letter was troubling and concerning.
Garner says he wishes the author of the letter left his or her name so he could respond.
He says he hopes people can learn to come together despite their differences.
"No matter where you are on the political spectrum," Garner says. "We need to lower the temperature and try to get over some of the divisions."

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