‘We have to accept it.’ Outdoor workers bundle up under frigid temperatures

Long Islanders did their best to stay warm Saturday, but some workers who had to be outdoors still did their jobs despite the below freezing conditions.
Syosset mail carrier John Kwon has been working through rain, snow, sleet and hail for 18 years. He knows the drill when the temperature dips to single digits and below.
“Today I think I put on at least five layers of clothes. I put three layers of pants, a hat, earmuffs and everything. As much as I can cover all my body to make me warm,” he said.
Kwon delivered letters and packages on foot to 300 houses in seven hours.
“This is what we have to do as a mail carrier, rain or shine. We have to be out here to deliver the mail and do our service for the customers,” he said.
Kwon added that his dedication to his customers and positive mindset kept him going.
“If it's really hot, that's a problem. If it's really cold, that's a problem. But as a mail carrier, we have to accept it. This is what we signed for. No matter what it is, we have to be out there to do our service for our customers,” he said.
Kwon said as soon as his shift was over, he would warm up by heading home, taking a hot shower and eating a hot meal.
Workers at Rainbow Car Wash in Hicksville also worked through the bitter blast.
"It's cold, it's cold. It's challenging but you get it done, said Mike Margaryan.
To ward off frostbite, Fernando Zavala and his fellow workers wore plenty of layers from head to toe.
"I dress enough so the wind doesn't go through and we keep moving so that's the only way to keep warm," Zavala said. "Yep, I'm waiting for summer."