'Now is not the time to be stepping back.' - Bellone urges continued social distancing even if apex is nearing

 Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone provided a coronavirus update Monday.
- Nearly 30,000 tested so far. 13,487 positive cases - an increase of more than 1,000.
- Hospitalizations are at 1,463, an increase of 26 patients. There are 546 people in ICU.
- Seeing smaller rates in net hospitalization increases.
- Bellone says if we are hitting a plateau, it means social distancing is working. "But that does not mean we take our foot off the pedal now." More data needed to know if we are plateauing.
- "Now is not the time to be stepping back from what we are doing, now is the time to hunker down even more."
- 3,215 hospital beds in county, 396 ICU beds in county.
- 710 hospital beds currently available, 65 ICU beds available. 63 COVID-19 patients discharged in last 24 hours.
- 199 deaths confirmed so far in Suffolk County, but expect numbers coming later today to show increase to over 200.
- Plasma donations being sought from people who have had a confirmed COVID-19 case and have recovered. More info at nybloodcenter.org and mountsinai.org. "You may be in the position to save a life."
- Suffolk County is enforcing Cuomo's social distancing/gathering/emergency regulations. Says Suffolk has not issued fines, but Suffolk police have responded to reports of violations. Bellone says every response has seen a situation resolved, be an erroneous report or voluntary compliance. Advises people to report violations to 311. 
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