Want to get out and moving? Come along for this winter walk in Wantagh

If you want to get out and get moving, we are taking a winter walk in Wantagh, on this Road Trip: Close to Home.
Explore 111 acres of the Wantagh Park. There are one-mile and two-mile walking paths that you can also bike and jog. There are even fitness stations along the way. And enjoy the magnificent water view.
Next stop, Mill Pond, the highlight there is, of course, the pond! The long and narrow pet-friendly preserve is 54 acres. It's an easy walk on a paved path that wraps all the way around the pond.
Twin Lakes Preserve is a hidden gem! It's 58 acres, and nestled along the Wantagh Parkway. A little adventure awaits as you hike through unpaved trails that run through the entire preserve. Cross over a little bridge that connects the paths. There are wetlands and woodlands to explore, as well as five freshwater ponds, and, of course, the two lakes to see.