Walt Whitman HS staff holds appreciation parade for graduating senior class

For many students, their final months of high school education have been stifled by the coronavirus pandemic. But staff at Walt Whitman High School are making sure the class of 2020 has some memorable moments to look back on.
Staff put on an appreciation parade for the school's senior class, with cars decked out in balloons and posters, as more than 100 teachers cheered for their students.
"Nothing can beat the classroom atmosphere itself," says student Patrick Bresnan. "That's one thing we miss the most and we're probably not going to get back."
Teachers and students haven't seen each other in six weeks, with senior prom, awards and graduation ceremonies all stolen by the pandemic.
"It's important they remember this as a good time and not something that was plagued by this terrible virus," says Walt Whitman Principal John Murphy.
Although this isn't how they envisioned their senior year, students say they are looking forward to better days ahead.
"Make sure you don't take things for granted in life, because you never know when it can be taken away from you in the snap of a finger," says student Tyler Phelan.
"We have the best high school, we do," says student Mycaela Reilly. "Because there's so many teachers that care and love us."