Visit the tallest lighthouse in New York! The Fire Island Lighthouse offers incredible views

Visit a Long Island landmark on this Road Trip: Close to Home to the Fire Island Lighthouse.
"It's the tallest lighthouse in New York at 168 feet high - it's not just a matter of climbing the lighthouse, you can go through the museum area. We have a lot of artifacts and information on Fire Island, the people, the lightkeepers," says Tony Femminella, of the Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society.
The first stop is the lens building. See the original lens that stood on top of the lighthouse from 1858-1933.
Follow the trail for more maritime history. Inside the boat house - learn about life saving equipment used back in the 1800s.
Stay on the path - there's poison ivy off path. And stop for a photo op.
The path leads to the beautiful beach and bay.
The main attraction is the lighthouse itself. Explore the house part of the lighthouse, once home to the lightkeepers, is now home to artifacts, interactive displays and lots to learn.
And of course, climb to the top. It's a long way up - 182 steps to the top - but the view is worth it!