Visit Long Island's only military aviation flying museum - The American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale

It’s Long Island’s only military aviation flying museum. We’re at the American Airpower Museum on this Road Trip: Close to Home.
The Farmingdale Museum is inside a hangar at Republic Airport.
Walk right up and look inside of the cockpit of the oldest B-25 in the world.
And go inside of a C-47 used to carry cargo all over the world.
And look inside a Thunderjet that was built in the building where it sits now in the 1950s.
Go inside a bomber that is almost exactly as it was in World War II.
There are so many exhibits that teach about the history of, and Long Island’s role in aviation.
And if you like the feeling of flight take off inside the simulator.
But if you really want to fly, you can book a flight experience and go for a ride in a plane.