VIDEO: Volunteers free deer stuck in volleyball net

VIDEO: Volunteers free deer stuck in volleyball net

Volunteers sprang into action to free a deer who got stuck in a backyard volleyball net in Suffolk – and the rescue was caught on camera.
Frankie Floridia and Erica Kutzing, from Strong Island Animal Rescue League, had quite the challenge cut out for them Saturday.
A deer got stuck in a volleyball net and then got stuck on a chain-link fence in a homeowner’s backyard in Setauket.

“It was a blessing in disguise because the net got caught up on the chain-link fence and that's really what allowed us to get him,” says Kutzing.

Kutzing held the net with all her bodyweight, while Floridia tried to cut the netting off from the deer's antlers - all while the deer was thrashing around.

The volunteers say the netting was not only dangerous to the deer, but if it got entangled with another animal it would have been worse.
“If this guy locked an antler with another buck, they would have been tangled and both of them would have died…so it's a big challenge right now - you have to clean up these nets,” says Kutzing.

The League's volunteers were eventually able to cut the net free.
The group is reminding people to take down any soccer nets, volleyball nets, hammocks and anything else that an animal could get stuck in when not in use.