Veteran celebrates Christmas gift of life from Stony Brook University Hospital team

A Long Island veteran is able to celebrate another Christmas thanks to the doctors and nurses at Stony Brook University Hospital.
Last year on Christmas Day, Al Kirby's aorta ruptured and a special team of Stony Brook Medicine cardiac surgeons and nurses worked for hours to help keep him alive.
The team spent 10 hours in surgery and used 27 units of blood to keep the Marine veteran alive.
One year later, Kirby thanked those who saved his life and have allowed him to celebrate another Christmas.

“To me, the doctors are gods and the staff are beyond angels…because of you I'm alive, and I thank all of you for donating blood, which allowed someone like me to be speaking today. So, thank you thank you everyone,” said Kirby.
Doctors say blood supplies are low during the holiday season and ask people to consider in helping give the gift of life.
More information about donating to Stony Brook Blood Bank can be found here.