Vandals deface mural painted by volunteers in Lake Ronkonkoma

A mural painted by volunteers to honor Lake Ronkonkoma's golden era has been vandalized.
The incident happened on Feb. 3. Vandals spray-painted graffiti all over the mural that took members of the Lake Ronkonkoma Improvement Group several weeks to finish.
The group has spent several years cleaning up and restoring the lake and the surrounding area so members say it was heartbreaking to find the graffiti. Members say the mural was there to share the history of Lake Ronkonkoma with the community.
Vandals spray-painted the name of a nearby middle school on the mural and wrote disparaging words about the principal. The group hopes the clues will help police find the vandals.
About two dozen members of the Lake Ronkonkoma Improvement Group will be cleaning up the mural Saturday.