USPS warns of possible delays with mail-in election ballots come November

With a surge expected in the number of Americans looking to vote by mail due to the pandemic, the Postal Service is already warning of possible delays come November. 
The USPS said it cannot guarantee that all November mail-in ballots will arrive in time to be counted. 
The agency said it is anticipating an unprecedented surge in mail-in ballots this fall.
President Donald Trump has said he is against widespread voting by mail. President Trump said he has blocked additional funding to the USPS as a way to stop mail-in ballots. 
The Postal Service has said it is looking for ways to bring in some revenue, saying it will raise prices from October to December. The USPS says it will raise the prices of package shipments. 
Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he will sign a bill allowing New York residents to request an absentee ballot because of the pandemic.