Twin 3-year-olds die after being pulled from Melville pool

Twin 3-year-old boys died after being pulled from a backyard pool in Melville.
Authorities say officers responded to 10 Holly Court around 8:40 a.m. Wednesday.
Police say the mother woke up and saw her 5-year-old but noticed that her twins were not inside the home. She looked out a window and saw one boy floating in the in-ground pool. The father had already left the house.
News 12 is told that the mother retrieved the boy and began performing CPR while on the phone with 911 operators. Melville firefighters raced to the scene and were told that another boy was missing. Several responders jumped into the green and murky pool and found the second boy.
Both children, identified as Nicholas and Anthony Aurilia, were pronounced dead at Plainview Hospital.
The family had just recently moved to their Holly Court home.
A Town of Huntington spokesperson says the property and its pool were inspected in May and that everything, including the fence and pool alarm, was up to code. A pool permit was issued last month.
Police say it's currently unclear when and how the boys got out of the house, calling it a tragic accident.