'Turned upside down.' Attorney for Heuermann's wife says family's Massapequa Park home is in total disarray

Asa Ellerup, has spoken to her husband in jail and the couple was advised not to discuss the case, her attorney told News 12.

Rachel Yonkunas

Aug 1, 2023, 9:43 PM

Updated 267 days ago


The Massapequa Park house that Rex Heuermann’s family called home for more than two decades is barely recognizable to his wife and children, according to Asa Ellerup’s attorney.
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The family found their house in “total disarray," Bob Macedonia said, when the family finally returned home last week. While investigators scoured their home for evidence over the course of 12 days, the family was living out of their car, with family or in hotels.
“They had to basically clear a path to get into the house,” said Macedonia. “Life as they knew it for the 25 years prior is completely turned upside down. It will never return to anything normal.”
Ellerup, the estranged wife of Heuermann, shared photos of what her family saw when they stepped inside the home. Boxes of their belongings were stacked in different rooms and a vinyl tub had been cut open.
“I’ve seen the execution of search warrants,” Macedonia said. “All the dresser drawers are emptied out and thrown on the floor. Every cabinet, every document is thrown all around, so I've seen that often. This is one of the worst I've seen, but it's also one of the worst allegations we've had in a long time.”
Macedonia said the family has had to use prepaid cell phones to communicate since police seized all their electronics. He said they are also trying to raise money for a new couch and beds since investigators took those items too.
The family’s dog is staying with family and their three cats have been put up for adoption at a local animal shelter.
Ellerup retained Macedonia as counsel the day after Heuermann’s first court appearance to represent her during communication with law enforcement. Macedonia said the decision to file for divorce came later.
Heuermann’s wife filed for divorce six days after his arrest. Macedonia said it was mainly a financial decision.
“Protecting herself and her children and rebuilding her life because we don’t know, this could take at least a couple years to resolve and she doesn’t work,” said Macedonia. “He was the breadwinner of the family. She needs to figure out supporting herself, getting these children taken care of and being the strong woman in the family that they can look up to and rely upon. That’s the mom. I mean, I know they’re 27 and 32, but they rely upon their mom for guidance.”
Ellerup, has spoken to her husband in jail and the couple was advised not to discuss the case, her attorney told News 12.
It is unclear if Ellerup has any plans to visit Heuermann behind bars. Macedonia said they are being “very careful” because in-person visits can also be recorded.
Macedonia said they expect to serve Heuermann with divorce papers later this week.

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