TSA changes screening procedures to prepare for summer travelers

The TSA is changing its screening procedures to prepare for a potential surge in summer travelers.
Travelers have been complaining about overcrowded flights and difficulties social distancing while flying during the pandemic. Travel agents, like Matthew Kondrup, of Matty K Travel in Wantagh, says it may soon get more challenging as summer comes closer.
“People are looking to travel, they're biting at the bit, looking to get away, as soon as possible," says Kondrup. "There are definitely some great deals to be had, but later in the summer."
The Transportation Security Administration announced Thursday that it's changing some security procedures after seeing a steady growth of travelers coming through airport checkpoints over the past couple of weeks.
Some changes include passengers needing to keep possession of their boarding passes instead of handing them to the TSA agents, and separating food items from carry-ons for X-ray screening. Additionally, passengers can bring 12 ounces of liquid hand sanitizer on the plane, and must keep their wallet, keys and phones in their carry-on and not in the bins. Passengers are also required to wear a face covering.
Dr. Jacqueline Moline, with Northwell Health, says the changes are helpful in limiting the amount of people touching the same surfaces. The major airlines have also released videos showing how they are sterilizing planes in between flights.
"These changes are as much to protect the TSA workers as the public," says Moline. "The airlines have been trying to improve the amount of outdoor air that is brought in…some of the newer planes actually do have more air exchanges per minute than the older planes, it's still prudent for people to wear masks."