TSA: Air travel hits highest levels since last March

The TSA says it is now screening more passengers than it has at any point in the pandemic.
TSA figures show more than 1 million people traveled by air over each of the last seven days -- the longest stretch with those numbers since the very beginning of the pandemic last year.
While airline travel is overall down, the numbers have continued to pick up. Airline stocks are starting to take off again, rallying to levels not seen in over a year.
Stony Brook University Hospital's Dr. Sharon Nachman says it is "reasonably safe" to travel now. But she's encouraging people to ask themselves a few questions before booking a ticket.
"Where are we going? Who are we visiting? Have they been vaccinated? And are we going to pose a risk to them even if we bring virus into their home?" says Nachman.
While the number of travelers is on the rise, passenger traffic is still down more than 50% this month compared with the same period in 2019.