Trump administration weighs plan to allow drug imports from Canada

The plan may help Long Islanders who are getting crushed by soaring prescription drug prices.

News 12 Staff

Aug 1, 2019, 7:33 PM

Updated 1,779 days ago


The Trump administration is weighing a plan to create a way for Americans to import lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada.
Local health care advocates say they are in favor if it's possible to reduce costs and safely bring the prescriptions into America.
"I think what we hear all of the time is that the cost of medication is prohibitive and making it very challenging for people to survive and keep the lights on and keep food on the table, " says Rebecca Sanin, of the Health and Welfare Council. "And so anything that will reduce the cost of living expenses on Long Island is going to be welcomed."
Wendy Fincken, of Freeport, gets emotional and angry when she talks about how much medication costs. She's taking four different prescriptions and although her insurance covers most of the cost she still ends up paying out of pocket.
"With the bills and stuff I really have to budget us and decide whether it's more important for us to have food or for me to be in pain," says Fincken. "It's that simple."
U.S. drugmakers and pharmacists say the plan is potentially dangerous for Americans because there is no way to guarantee the safety of drugs being imported from other countries. There is also a question about whether Canada can or even wants to export pharmaceuticals to the U.S.

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