Town of Hempstead Vax Mobile ready to pivot back to Johnson & Johnson if it's deemed safe

Since the Vax Mobile had to switch to Pfizer, it now must visit locations twice.

News 12 Staff

Apr 20, 2021, 12:47 AM

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The Town of Hempstead Vax Mobile was forced to pivot last week to the Pfizer shot after federal officials recommended a pause of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as they probed blood clot concerns.
Since the Vax Mobile had to switch to Pfizer, it now must visit locations twice.
Joe Calderone, with Mount Sinai South Nassau, says they're ready to use Johnson & Johnson again if it's found safe.
"If we get additional information from the federal government and the state Department of Health on Friday or before we may be able to pivot back," says Calderone. "For the purposes of a mobile until like the Vax Mobile the J&J vaccine is certainly less challenging in terms of scheduling."
Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor to the president, gave his prediction saying that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee will likely un-pause the shot with some conditions.
"I would imagine that what we will see is that it will come back, and it will come back in some sort of either warning or restriction," says Fauci.
The CDC Advisory Committee is set to meet Friday to discuss the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
Some Long Islanders are hesitant about taking the shot if it resumes.
Jessica Daddona, of Baldwin, says maybe officials need to think about it more. "I'm thinking maybe we need to step back and think about it again because clearly somethings not going right if you're going to recall it and then put it back on."

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