Toast Women's History Month with Blue Point's new creation -- Nancy Brew

If you want to raise a glass to a super woman in your life, the people at Blue Point Brewing in Patchogue have the perfect choice.
Blue Point Brewing makes 23 different flavors of beers and seltzers, but it's always looking for more.
So in honor of Women's History Month, the bosses told social media manager Charlotte Sparacino and all the ladies who work at the brewery to brainstorm a new beer. No idea was off-limits.
What they came up with is the Nancy Brew, a beer named after the famous fictional female detective.
It's a witbier - or what they call a wheat beer - and for the flavors, the ladies decided on two things: chamomile and orange blossom honey. It's described as having a smooth, silky mouth feel and it gives notes of bubble gum and lemon as well.
But the women didn't just come up with the recipe, they also were hands-on in making the beer. They took turns milling and adding the ingredients to make the beer they were passionate about.
"It's just really a moment of reflection, of how lucky you are to be around powerful women who want to make a difference in beer business," says Sparacino.
The beer is only available on tap at the brewery on Main Street in Patchogue. It's open every day except Mondays.