Tips to stay fit and avoid weight gain while stuck home during the pandemic

Health experts on Long Island are offering ways to help people avoid gaining weight while stuck inside during this crisis.
"It's a very stressful time," says Dr. David Buchin. "People are eating out of boredom, it's boredom and anxiety."
Robyn Hymowitz, of Plainview, says she recently lost 160 pounds with gastric bypass surgery. The 30-year-old says she is fighting hard to not allow the coronavirus to steal her health away.
"It's a catch-22. You're working out more," says Hymowitz. "I am walking a lot more than I ever do, but I am also eating a lot more than I ever do."
Dr. Buchin is a bariatric surgeon. He says there is a reason why we are eating what we eat. He says cortisol levels are very high due to stress and that makes people want to eat more.
Dr. Buchin says there are several simple strategies to keep from packing on the pounds which include:
-Schedule your meals and portions
-Keep a food journal or use an app to write down what you eat
-Eat healthy foods first such as vegetables, fruits or nuts
-Keep your mind engaged
-Drink at least 64 ounces of water daily 
-Stay active while remaining indoors  
Dr. Buchin says people should try to do at least 20 minutes of activity.
Hymowitz, who once weighed 300 pounds, says she is staying off social media. She says the best medicine is to get out and walk, but make sure to practice social distancing.