Downpours douse LI; 9 inches of rain reported in some areas

Team coverage across Long Island where cars were stalled, basements were flooded and drivers had to be rescued.

News 12 Staff

Sep 29, 2023, 9:53 AM

Updated 268 days ago


Team coverage across Long Island where cars were stalled, basements were flooded and drivers had to be rescued.
Sewer water flowed through a street in Baldwin Friday evening after heavy rain overwhelmed the sewer system’s capacity, Nassau County officials confirm.
Water was bubbling out of a manhole cover, causing an offensive odor that lingered for hours.
Neighbors told News 12 they are concerned that the sewer water will get into their homes.
The Department of Public Works is monitoring the situation, but residents want the water to stop flowing from the sewer.
“It stinks outside and eventually it’s going to come into the house if somebody doesn’t come to fix this,” said Aidan Dolan.
Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman says anyone experiencing sewer issues should call 866-224-8508.
Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman advised residents to shelter in place until they are confident that the storm has passed.
He says emergency services are stressed by people trapped in cars and an evacuation in Elmont.
The county executive says they have had to divert traffic away from many intersections and roadways.
News 12's Krista McNally was in Bellmore where conditions were quickly and frequently changing.
Smaller cars had trouble getting through certain roadways in Nassau County.
News 12's Jon Dowding was in Woodmere where cars were stalled due to floodwaters.
Floodwaters caused dangerous conditions that stalled multiple cars for hours Friday in Woodmere.
Jana Fink said she could not get off the road in time to avoid the flooding.
“Oh, I was freaking out – I was having a nice little panic attack,” Fink says. “But I was able to stay calm enough to be able to try to get my car as far over to the side of the road.”
People who were on foot treaded through knee-high water to get home or pick up their children nearby.
The water was so high, it also knocked down some fences in the area.
News 12's Kevin Vesey was in East Rockaway where a woman had to be rescued from the floodwaters.
A good Samaritan told News 12 that he and another person helped push the woman's car out of the water.
Traffic was also stalled due to the heavy rain on Atlantic Avenue.
Town of Hempstead Supervisor Don Clavin says conditions are improving after rain drenched Nassau County.
He says there were reports of sewage caps blowing off and a few sinkholes.
Clavin advises everyone who does not need to go out to stay home.
Nassau County Chief Fire Marshal Michael Uttaro says 70 volunteer fire departments were out in full force to respond to issues related to the storm.
He says there were no fatalities and no serious injuries were reported.
Uttaro says the most calls came from people stranded in their cars due to heavy floodwaters.

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