Thunderbirds, Blue Angels honor front-line workers with flight over Long Island

Over the last few weeks there have been rallies on the streets outside hospitals put on by local law enforcement. Different organizations have created signs that adorn the lawns in front of medical complexes and restaurants have raised funds to bring meals to front-line workers. Now, elite flying teams from the military want to show their support too— from the sky!

On Tuesday, the United States Navy Blue Angels and the United States Air Force Thunderbirds joined together for a "Fly By" over tri-state area hospitals.
"We have been amazed by the tenacity and dedication of our medical professionals. It's a stressful time for everybody— especially our health care providers and we thought, what a better way to show support of our solidarity, our gratitude than by dedicating these flyovers to our medical community," explained U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. John Caldwell, mission commander for the flyover.
It's in the late spring and summer months when these elite flying teams typically put on impressive shows all over the country. Due to the pandemic, many have been postponed or even canceled.

Major Zane Taylor, a pilot with the Thunderbirds shared, "This whole pandemic is so hard, because we're fighting an invisible foe. And these health care workers are out there every day, putting their lives on the line. We're just flying near the hospitals and trying to show them that this is US supporting YOU. We can't show you support in person, but this is a way for us to show you support from afar or overhead."

The "Fly By" started at 12:20 p.m. and lasted for about 40 minutes. They passed over hospitals all across Long Island during that time.

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