Threats reported at Lindenhurst HS

Threats reported at Lindenhurst HS

Threats were made at Lindenhurst High School this week, and parents are upset at the lack of details being released.

Students say there have been at least four bomb threats at the high school this week. The school district confirms the threats but won't specify the type of threat. Parents want more info.

An automated call to parents didn't specify what the threat was but said something was written on bathroom wall.

ISIS was mentioned in at least one threat, according to students.

There will be heightened security at the school next week. The dates mentioned in the threats are next Thursday and Friday.

There will be early 2 p.m. dismissal and no after-school activities on Thursday. There will be extra police presence on Friday with bag checks and hall passes restricted. No one will be let in school after 6:45 a.m.