Thousands of parents tune in for webinar on effects of lockdown on children

With children now home from school for more than a month, what effects has the coronavirus lockdown had on their physical and mental health?
At the Ryan home in Wantagh, quarantine has been an exercise in patience for the family of seven. Stephanie Ryan says the pandemic is having an effect on her five children.
"Some days they ask questions about when they're going to return back to school, how come they can't see their friends, when is this quarantine going to be over," says Ryan. "Then other days it turns into, do I have the COVID virus? I have a cough, am I sick? Am I going to die?"
And amidst those questions, Ryan has concerns as a parent as well.
"I'm worried about what this means long term, going back to school, it could happen anytime, they'll say, okay we're returning. As a parent, it's worrisome," says Ryan. "You can't just turn a switch on and say okay, everything back to normal."
Tuesday night Ryan and thousands of other parents nationwide got answers to their questions via a free webinar hosted by Allied Physicians Group. Three pediatricians, an allergist and a psychologist discussed the impact of staying home on the physical and mental health of children.
"People are just hungering for knowledge about this," says Allied Physicians CEO Dr. Kerry Fierstein. "Everybody's so nervous and so concerned. "
The panel spoke about ways to help children maintain good mental health, the value telemedicine and other topics. Ryan says the knowledge she gained is both empowering and comforting.
"Especially at this time with the coronavirus, I've really leaned on the things, you know, the things they've published and sent out as far as putting the parents at ease," says Ryan.