'There is hope.' - 93-year-old Navy veteran beats COVID-19

He survived World War II. Now, he’s survived the coronavirus.
Bob Saylor, of Baldwin, who turns 94 years old next month, was diagnosed with pneumonia from COVID-19 three weeks ago. The Navy veteran had a high fever and a cough, each tell-tale signs of the virus.
With a doctor on call and the medication needed, his family says it was a frightening week – but they were able to nurse their father back to health.
“There is nothing stronger than family and love,” he told News 12. “You can't get one without the other. There is nothing stronger than that.”
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Saylor's daughters say their father is a man of few words and would rarely speak about his time serving in the Navy as a diver. He was tasked with recovering bodies following the attack on Pearl Harbor.
The father of eight with 18 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren instead focused his life on his family and his faith, which is what they believe pulled him through. 
“Take care of each other and love each other. There is hope,” he said.