The show must go on: Bijou Theatre launching virtual live performances

The struggling Bijou Theatre in Bridgeport is launching virtual live performances to help keep the historic venue afloat.
The Bijou Theatre has been around since 1909. It was originally built as an opera house and then became a theater. Once the pandemic hit, the bright lights of the stage dimmed.
Gary Peterson, who now runs the theater, says it's been a real struggle to pay bills. He's trying to get support from other organizations.
"I was getting to the end of my rope quite frankly as a lot of venues were, I think," says Peterson. "I did end up having to add some additional debt. I had to borrow some money to keep afloat. I was trying to put that off as long as I could."
Peterson says he did get some help from the Small Business Administration and is hoping for aid from the 'Save Our Stages' bill in Congress. However, that may not be enough.
The virtual live performances will begin next Friday. The first event will feature the Grateful Dead tribute band Terrapin.
Concertgoers will need a virtual headset that will come in the mail after they buy their tickets.