The Real Deal: New website helps local small businesses compete with Amazon and big-box stores

News 12 Consumer Reporter Janice Lieberman provides insights on how to keep your money local.

News 12 Staff

Jul 12, 2023, 12:25 PM

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If you prefer to support small businesses during Amazon's Prime Day sale, a new website is simplifying the process.
News 12 Consumer Reporter Janice Lieberman provides insights on how to keep your money local.
In 2021, consumers spent over $12 billion on Amazon Prime Day, leaving small businesses struggling to compete against the e-commerce giant.
A local company is now assisting Westchester businesses in delivering their goods promptly. Adam Haber established Trellus, a same-day delivery company, in 2021 with the goal of aiding small businesses in competing against big-box stores and online retailers such as Amazon. Recently, Trellus began servicing Westchester County and partnered with companies like Chocolations and Westchester Wine Warehouse to offer same-day delivery of their products to customers across the county.
Haber explains, "There's a florist called Amodio's that does this every day. There's a charcuterie company called Rock Boards. We work with mom-and-pop small businesses in over 60 categories, including sporting goods, hardware, and clothing. We aspire to be the one-stop shop for consumers and small businesses, providing comprehensive support."
Currently, Trellus has nearly 400 vendors on Long Island and plans to expand to 4,000. Haber also expresses intentions to expand into Westchester, where they currently have around half a dozen vendors. By the end of next year, their goal is to have 500 vendors in Westchester. Haber highlights the similar demographics and the potential to cater to a significant population, as Westchester is home to nearly a million people, with an additional 2.8 million on Long Island.
Trellus strictly features local businesses on its platform, excluding chain companies and national brands.
Haber emphasizes the advantages of shopping through Trellus, stating, "You can shop faster through Trellus than anywhere else. By doing so, you support local businesses while contributing to a vibrant downtown and higher real estate values. Shopping local benefits both the community and yourself."

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