The Real Deal: Fall fun that won’t break your piggy bank

Fall is here and you are looking forward to fall décor and fun activities. Unfortunately, prices have gone up on just about everything, including your favorite decoration: pumpkins. 
In today’s The Real Deal, Kristie Reeter will show you the best ways to stretch your dollar on pumpkins and on some of your favorite fall activities. 
Investopedia’s Caleb Silver says Americans are expected to spend over $10 billion this fall. He says the average person will spend more than $100 on Halloween fun. 
“We continue to spend even though prices remain high,” says Silver. 
Silver says you can expect prices going up between 5% and 14% this Halloween season. 
“When we look at the state of New York, we are looking at cookies prices up 14%, cany up nearly 11%, pumpkins up more than 10% and beer up nearly 5%,” says Silver.  
With the help of Steven Palomeque at Stew Leonard’s Yonkers, Reeter found some great deals. 
Consider buying in multiples. 
“Our regular pumpkins, we have them at $8.99, but if you get three, you get multiple, you get them for $24,” says Palomeque. 
The same goes for those mini gourds and mini pumpkins that go great on your mantle, shelves and tables. One is $1.69, but you can get four for $6. 
If you want to make them last, a little Vaseline and lemon water will do the trick. 
Free is the best way to stretch your dollars. Yonkers Stew Leonard’s vice-president Cristian Cruz says they offer free movie nights and more. 
“Every year we do a Halloween drive-thru,” says Cruz. “Drive behind the building, we have a lot of animation back there. Little spooky for the kids.” 
Free fits everyone’s budget.