The New Normal: How are colleges keeping everyone safe as COVID-19 cases rise?

More than 20 million students are returning to undergraduate and graduate studies in the U.S. this month.
News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen was joined this morning by Richard Gatteau, the vice president for student affairs at Stony Brook University, and Janine Biscari, the vice president for student affairs at Molloy College. They discussed how colleges are keeping students safe as COVID-19 cases rise.
What will colleges look like for students in the fall? What precautions are schools taking?
Are there mechanisms in place to verify that students are submitting real vaccine cards?
College campuses are really about togetherness, about roommates, parties and sporting events. So it's not just classrooms and co-curricular spaces, but the social spaces that also need to be considered. What are the safety challenges, and what are some colleges doing to reopen campus?
What changes are faculty and staff seeing?
Are more students coming to colleges in person versus online? What about international students?