The East End: CJ’s American Grill in Mattituck

A lot of restaurants in Nassau and Suffolk counties serve wine produced on Long Island.
News 12’s Doug Geed found a North Fork restaurant, CJ’s American Grill, where the selection and price are really something to toast.
It's something they've been doing at CJ's American Grill in Mattituck for years.
Most of the bottles on their wall are wines from the East End and every one of them, no matter which you choose, is $25 with dinner.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary of the first commercial wine grapes being planted on the East End, each week this summer, the restaurant will choose a different local vineyard and charge $15 for their bottle.
The aim is to not only promote local wine to drink, but to promote where it’s made as a place to visit.
“The feedback we're getting now is, people will get a bottle of cab from a venue that they've never been to before. They might not even have heard of it. And they'll drink it and they'll say ‘My God this is fantastic. I have to go there.’ That's the whole idea. I mean we wouldn't have survived without the local people, especially during COVID-19. Everybody supported us, the local community,” said Chris Richards, CJ’s American Grill.
CJ's is also known for something else, an all-you-can-eat barbecue special.
It's called the American Grill Challenge, it's ribs, chicken, steak, sausage, french fries, baked beans, corn and cole slaw.