The Download: Livall smart helmet

For most bikers a helmet is a must have accessory. But here's a helmet that will do more than protect your head.

During our current pandemic, short commutes on bikes or even e-scooters are becoming a more popular way to get around. Livall makes all sorts of helmets for sports, including a smart helmet that can keep you connected and highly visible, especially at night.

It's hard to miss the Bling Helmet from Livall at night, with its automatic sensing built-in brake lights. But the smart helmet also has a handlebar-mounted turn signal button that connects to the helmet wirelessly. Push the button, and let cars know which way you're going.
And if you get into an accident, the helmet will actually call for help through your smartphone.

Another feature of the Lavall helmet is they've added a small speaker and microphone. Since its connected via Bluetooth to your phone that means you can actually take calls or listen to music safely while you are on the road.

The Livall helmet is $158.