The Download: HEALBE GoBe3 smart band

There are lots of smartwatches around. Some have exercise tracking in mind, while others want to be more of a computer on your wrist.
The GoBe3 smart band from HEALBE wants to do some of that but really focuses on keeping your health in balance.
The unique thing about this smart band is that it has automatic calorie intake tracking. That means no more counting calories as you eat. The band does this through its patented "Flow Technology." That flow tech also measures your hydration and your emotional state in real time.
And like most fitness trackers - it keeps tabs on your heart rate, sleep quality and your steps on the display.
The GoBe3 is not going to replace a fully functioning smartwatch. GoBe3 really wants to give you information about your body and help you keep your metabolism, calorie intake and stress levels in harmony.
You have to charge the watch every day, but the company says it only takes about 40 minutes. It costs $200.