The Download: Delivery Pod

Before the pandemic online deliveries were on the rise. But now, more than ever people are depending on package delivery. And all of those boxes can be very tempting for thieves.
Security cameras can help, and there are even lock boxes you can get. But there is a package vault that is a little different.
The Delivery Pod is an app-controlled high-tech package vault for your porch that automatically alerts couriers when they approach to put the package inside.
Once a package is detected inside, the box locks. At the same time a notice is sent to the user wherever they are in the world, because it is connected via a Wi-Fi connection.
The Delivery Pod can be remotely unlocked though the app or with a key, and is powered through a standard wall plug or D-Cell batteries.
It's secured to your home with bolts or with a bracket, and it will protect your packages in any weather.
The Delivery Pod comes in two colors and costs $400.