Teen dies during rugby practice warmup

A high school senior died after collapsing during rugby practice at William Floyd High School Tuesday. Authorities say Corey Stark died during the team's warm-up Tuesday afternoon at the school. According to authorities, he was doing calisthenics and no contact was involved. William Floyd High School Principal Robert Feeney says CPR was administered before police and an ambulance responded. Stark was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.
Students at William Floyd arrived at school Wednesday to find the flag lowered in honor of Stark. An announcement was made on the loud speaker and a moment of silence was observed by students. Feeney says counselors are available to students who need them.
Classmates say Stark was a great friend and all-around nice guy who will be sorely missed.
"In school he had so many friends I don't think he had one enemy,? classmate Kristin Daniels says. ?Growing up he was always there to lend a hand.? Stark's death came on the team's first day of practice. The team plays as part of a club and is not affiliated with the school. Police are investigating the death, but say they do not suspect foul play.
The investigation into a cause of death continues.