On Facebook, Uniondale teacher says he failed students who didn't stand for Pledge of Allegiance

The Uniondale School Board began a public meeting Tuesday night with the Pledge of Allegiance -- and the main topic was accusations against a teacher accused of failing two students who didn't stand for the pledge.
Steven Solomon – a health teacher at Uniondale High School – allegedly wrote in a captured Facebook post that two students refused to stand for the pledge in his homeroom class. 
During the meeting, the board of education said it couldn't comment on personnel issues.
In the post, Solomon also wrote that the principal at the school told him he couldn't force students to stand. 
"The next day they refused to stand saying 'they didn't have to.' I told them that is true and that what makes this country great is that I didn't have to pass them either," the message reads.
Solomon said the students both failed his class with a 63 average. 
"Under ordinary circumstances, I would have passed them both, instead I failed them both," the message continues. It also refers to the students as "suckers."
The district did allow News 12 cameras inside the meeting, and officials said the incident happened years ago. 
They also noted that the district removed Solomon from his classroom pending further investigation.
A screenshot of the post in question