Tasty Tuesday: Turkey cooking tips with Zorn's of Bethpage

For a lot of people, this may be the first year trying to make a turkey for Thanksgiving! News 12 got expert help in today's Tasty Tuesday!
News 12's Elisa DiStefano and Elizabeth Hashagen were joined by Merrill Zorn, of Zorn's of Bethpage, to learn more about how to cook their Thanksgiving turkey.
Zorn recommends that you cook your turkey breast down, only flipping it when there are 20 minutes left in the cooking time, that way the juices from the thighs and legs are going to constantly baste the breast. Zorn says to put seasoning all over the turkey. And while it is cooking put tin foil to tent it, so it doesn't overcook.
If your turkey is under 16 pounds, cook it for 17 minutes per pound.
If you're trying to figure out how much turkey you'll need per guest, Zorn says you should aim for 1.5 pounds per person.
What about stuffing? Cooking the stuffing inside the bird has the advantage because the turkey juices will go into the stuffing, making it more delicious. Zorn says you should have about one pound of stuffing, for every five pounds of meat.
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