Tasty Tuesday: Cheers to a new year

Cheers to a new year with these tasty drinks!
News 12's Elisa DiStefano and Elizabeth Hashagen got some expert help from Sara Robinson of HandleBar Services.
Recipes for handcrafted cocktails:

Pomegranate Mimosa

The tartness that pomegranate brings to this drink is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the lemonade. When the orange slice has a chance to infuse with the drink, it ties in the flavors to deliver a deliciously flavorful mimosa! Add all ingredients to your glass and top with champagne, stir and garnish with orange slice and raspberries.
3oz pomegranate juice
2oz homemade lemonade (can substitute store bought)
A few ice cubes
Top with champagne
Garnish with orange slice and raspberries
Homemade lemonade
1/2c lemon juice
1c water
1/2c sugar
Add all ingredients to a sauce pan and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Allow to cool, then transfer to a glass or jar to serve.

Midnight Mule

This cocktails takes a bitter cranberry and makes it deliciously sweet with homemade cranberry syrup! To start you need to muddle the candied ginger and lime in the bottom of your glass. Add cranberry syrup, ginger beer, vodka and ice to guide glass and shake all ingredients together. Garnish with fresh cranberries!
1oz cranberry syrup
4oz ginger beer
2oz vodka
Garnish candied ginger, fresh cranberries and lime
Cranberry syrup
1 bag of fresh cranberries
1/2c sugar
2c water
Add all ingredients into a sauce pan and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Once cool transfer to a blender and blend. Use a fine strainer to remove all prices from the syrup. Once pieces have been remove pour syrup into a glass or bottle to serve.

Hibiscus Margarita

The tart and refreshing element of the hibiscus and lemonade is brought full circle to sweetness with the addition of triple sec in this recipe! Add all ingredients together and shake! Garnish with lemon, lime and raspberries.
Take 1 tea bag of Hibiscus flavored tea add 10oz of boiling water and let seep for 5 minutes. Remove tea bag and let cool.
2oz of hibiscus tea
2oz Homemade lemonade (can substitute store bought lemonade)
2oz tequila
1oz triple sec
Add desired amount of ice
Garnish with lemon, lime and raspberries