Survivor Stories: Nassau police medic keeps his kids in mind to help battle back from COVID-19

A Long Island police medic and single father is back on the job with a new perspective after beating the coronavirus.
In his 21 years as a Nassau police medic, Chris Cammarata has picked up the flu before -- but on March 11, with the COVID-19 pandemic in its infancy, he felt sick and got worried.
"I never really felt anything quite like it," says Cammarata."That's kinda the reason I knew I was in trouble."
Cammarata tested positive for the virus and quarantined at home, but his symptoms quickly got worse, with debilitating body aches, fever and fatigue.
Cammarata spent six days as a patient at St. Joseph's Hospital in Bethpage. He says he was scared, but as a single parent, he thought about his two kids to help pull him through.
"It took a couple of days before I was feeling like I was on the upswing, but finally when I did, It felt a lot better," he says.
Cammarata is now back at work helping other Long Island residents, and says he sympathizes more with his patients than ever before.
"Whatever I can do in order to get them some type of relief, I do, and I get them to whatever ER I can get them to as soon as possible," says Cammarata.
After surviving COVID-19, Cammarata says going forward he feels hopeful, thanks in part to the 7 p.m. first responder cheers every night.
"I hear it every once in a while ... feels great," he says. "Feels great that you guys are looking out for us."
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