Survivor recounts Hudson River plane crash

Several passengers aboard US Airways Flight 1549 that crashed into the Hudson River Thursday spent the night at the Crown Plaza Hotel near LaGuardia Airport, drying off and recovering from the ordeal.
Australian singer Emma Sophina was among those passengers who stayed overnight in triage. Sophina recalls she heard a loud bang just minutes after takeoff and realized that something was wrong. At first, however, she says she was not aware that the plane landed in the Hudson.
?I thought we hit a building, the crash was startling and so loud,? Sophina says.
When the evacuation of the sinking plane had begun, Sophina says it was very important to decide right away in which direction to move because there were people behind anxious to get out. Still, she says there was no panic among the 150 passengers aboard the plane.
The plane bound for Charlotte, N.C., was struck by a flock of geese and went down just moments after taking off. All 155 passengers and crew survived.
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