Suffolk task force to tackle hate-fueled crimes

Suffolk County lawmakers unanimously passed legislation Tuesday to create a hate crime task force.Carlos Morales says he was targeted on Patchogue's Main Street, the same place where Ecadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero was allegedly attacked by a group of teens and stabbed to death. Unlike Lucero, Morales got away. ?They call me spic, they call me faggot, and they call me dirty Mexican,? says Morales. Amid accusations that Suffolk police have underreported hate crimes, county lawmakers say a task force is needed. ?We need to have some type of investigation to look into why are these things happening and what are we doing about them,? says Leg. DuWayne Gregory (D-Amityville).According to the new legislation, the task force will have 13 members, including representatives from the county executive?s office, the police department and various community groups. The goal is to send a message that hate crimes will no longer be tolerated in Suffolk County.