Suffolk police and county sheriff's deputies hold basketball fundraiser for veterans

Two police agencies played basketball on Saturday to help Long Island veterans in need.
Suffolk County police took to the court at Suffolk Community College to play against Suffolk Sheriff's deputies.
Entry fees and other donations all went to support 9/11 Veterans, a grass roots group dedicated to helping veterans with direct financial help.
"A few days ago, we actually provided oil relief for a veteran, emergency rent mortgage payments -- anything where there is a financial need," said 9/11 Veterans' John Jex.
"You know, Suffolk County is the largest home to veterans in New York state, so it's extremely important not only for me. I'm sure the police department in our entire community to support the men and women that have defended our country," said Suffolk Sheriff Errol Toulon.
Toulon said he's more of an ice hockey player over basketball, but Suffolk Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison suited up and hit the hardwood possibly to help solidify the departments 56-45 win.
"It was a good day and it was nice to get the victory," Harrison said. "But at the end of the day, it's about partnerships and raising money for a good cause."
"You know, commissioner Harrison looked great out there. I congratulate the Suffolk county police department with their win. But I can tell you, they won't beat us in Ice Hockey," Toulon said.
9/11 Veterans said the fundraiser would raise several thousand dollars, which they said will go to help multiple veterans' families right here on Long Island.
9/11 Veterans added that since its inception in 2008, it has given out $1 million to veterans on the Island.