Suffolk official blames company for Wi-Fi delays

A year after Suffolk County announced it was going wireless, Leg. Wayne Horsley (D-Babylon) is blaming the company hired for the project for launch delays.
Florida-based company E-path won the bid last summer for the contract with the county. E-path is supposed to test a pilot program that would provide free, county-wide Wi-Fi access.
According to Horsley, bureaucratic hang-ups have left the launch in limbo.
"This is a matter of fish or cut bait," he says.
The legislator says if the E-path doesn't launch the system soon, the county should bail on the contract. E-path isn't alone in the attempt to make the Island wireless; Cablevision has already moved ahead and set up Wi-Fi systems in numerous communities and at Long Island Rail Road stations.
Suffolk IT Commissioner Gary Quinn says two companies are better than one, despite E-path's setbacks.
"I don't think we should assume that only one player will be here forever," say Quinn. "Competition is good for the county and it's good for the people."
Cablevision is the parent company of News 12 Long Island.