Suffolk lawmakers consider mercury poisoning bill

Suffolk County is considering a proposal that could help warn people about mercury poisoning.
The plan, sponsored by Suffolk Legislator Leslie Kennedy, would require restaurants to provide information on whether the seafood being served might contain mercury.
Supporters of the plan believe it would be helpful, since many aren't aware that there are health risks linked to eating lots of fish or sushi.
Alisa Azzarelli, of Nesconset, tells News 12 that she suffered from mercury poisoning last year after eating too much dark meat fish and sushi, like tuna.
“My migraines were getting so terrible, I was distracted in school, I had vision loss, it was really scary,” she said.
The 11th-grader has since lead the charge to prevent others from experiencing the same scare.
She says want to see mercury warnings on restaurant menus that alerting customers about fish that could contain high levels of the dangerous chemical.
Legislator Kennedy says she hopes to vote on the bill at the next general meeting scheduled for April 24.