Suffolk implements plan to install stop-arm cameras on about 6,000 school buses

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone wants parents to feel more at ease knowing that the county plans to install new camera technology on about 6,000 buses.
The county signed a contract with Virginia-based Bus Patrol America to help catch drivers who illegally pass stopped buses.
"This is a critical public safety initiative designed to protect our kids as they're coming to and from school," says Bellone.
Parents are happy to hear that a new safety measure is going to be implemented.
"As parents, there's nothing more important than the safety of our children," says Bay Shore PTA president and parent Kerri Vargas.
Bay Shore Superintendent Joseph Bond says data shows that there are 90 to 100 bus passes per day and those who are caught never do it again.
"This program that Suffolk County is putting in place will give law enforcement the ability to use the footage from the cameras to ensure drivers are held accountable for their actions," says Bond.
Bellone says tickets will be mailed to any driver who is caught on the camera. The first violation is a $250 fine, and it increases by $25 for repeat offenders.
Vargas says this new measure will go a long way toward making children safer and holding drivers accountable.
The cameras are expected to be in place by January.