Suffolk health officials issue Halloween warnings to parents

Suffolk County health officials issued a warning for parents this Halloween season on the dangers of colored contact lenses.
Doctors say the contacts are not only illegal, but can cause serious infections, scarring and even blindness
"There's all sorts of horrible outcomes with infections with contacts and this is the perfect storm to get contact lens infection," says Dr. Dean Hart.
Suffolk County Legislator William Spencer, who is also chair of the county's health committee, says the lenses are being sold at costume stores and gasoline stations.
He says while none were found on Long Island, they are being sold in New York City.
The lenses are significantly cheaper than prescription lenses, which can cost close to $200.
Spencer says he will continue to be on the lookout for illegal colored lenses, and says if he finds stores on Long Island selling them, he will encourage store owners to take them off the shelves.