Student says school refused to act after she was sent KKK photo

Student says school refused to act after she was sent KKK photo

A student claims her school refused to act after she was sent a KKK message on her phone.

Jordan Yearwood says she was in history class at Jericho High School when someone sent her a picture of KKK members burning a cross. The photo was sent to her smart phone anonymously in March using AirDrop - a service on iPhones to instantly share media.
"I was very scared, because I didn't know what to do, and I didn't know why anyone would want to send this to me," says Yearwood.

She says when she told her assistant principal he wrote it off as a prank.
"That's not a prank, that's a hate crime,” says Yearwood.
The girl’s mother, Ayana Bailey, says multiple emails she sent to school staff went unreturned.
"I think that I'm deserving of some form of communication to let me know that these are the steps we took and this is what took place," says Bailey.
Jericho Superintendent Hank Grishman says the school launched an investigation into the incident when it happened and says they've been in contact with the family.
"Inappropriate behavior like this is something that Jericho takes very seriously,” Grishman said in a statement. “We do not tolerate such behavior, and we consistently remind our students that our diversity is our most valuable asset."
School administrators say they were unable to determine who sent the picture. Other students at the school told News 12 Long Island that they were surprised the incident happened.

"I find it offensive towards pretty much everybody," said Sergio Hernandez.

Yearwood and her mom both say they're disappointed the school didn't tell students and parents about the message.

"The person who sent this message thinks they got away with it, and will try to do it again,” says Yearwood.
Administrators say they're working with Yearwood to develop a diversity course that the social studies department would run.
A statement from Superintendent Hank Grishman can be read in full as follows: